Spring mood

This is the ideal time for redecorating, so I invite you to find inspiration in monochrome,
timeless pieces and refined home textiles.

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If you are anything like me, spring will find you in a redecorating mood…even if you’re only to make some slight changes, like replacing the cushions or curtains or buying a new plant, to add a touch of fresh colour and movement into your living room.

This is also the ideal time to put your house in order, maybe even get rid of some old items you forgot they existed and which only take up space in your home. You may find some great ideas on this topic in Marie Kondo’s book - The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.
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While searching for inspirational help with my own small spring-redecorating-project, I came across this very refined and bright house in L.A. I know it may look like an unrealistic “target” to many of us and I can almost hear my friends who are young moms commenting on those white couches and carpets, but there are still some ideas we might be able to borrow and adapt to our more “down to earth” living spaces: the use of soft neutral tones, the balanced mix of natural textures, the way books are being used as decorative pieces or the large variety of home textiles providing  warmth and cosiness.
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Timeless pieces, natural textures and beautiful light – one can never go wrong with that, I’d say. But regardless of views and tastes, in the end it’s all about making your home the place you’re always happy to return to. Should you feel there is still room for improvement, I hope this spring brings you just the right boost of inspiration!
Written by Delia, March 2018
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