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Friendly and natural are the first words that come into my mind when I think of this brand.
I love their carefully crafted products, as much as their clean visual identity.

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As a small brand, we value each opportunity of exchanging ideas, discovering stories and challenges which resemble our own. Some of these encounters are worth sharing, so today we bring you an interview with the charming founder of I’m cotton you.
Meet Florina Florean, the creative mind behind this beautiful, inspiring project. A girl who speaks and acts from her heart.
Photo Credit: I’m cotton you
D: How did you come to the idea of your collections? Was it a spark, was it a process?

F: I’m cotton you is 100% Romanian and saying that we are proud of it may sound like a cliché, but the fact is I am very happy to hear that more and more people admire and buy Romanian interior design and fashion products. There are plenty of Romanian brands to choose from, which offer excellent quality.

I’m cotton you wasn’t a spark, but rather a process. You are going to laugh, but my first idea was to manufacture carpets in the traditional way, on a weaving loom, which of course proved to be much more complicated than I had imagined. The next idea was to craft white cotton bed sheets that would last like my grandmother’s. And I think this was a kind of spark, because everything came naturally after that. I must admit I am very lucky to have the right people beside me, like my wonderful friend, Camelia, who designed our logo and website.

I feel that clients need to sense you are a professional, so I wanted to be well prepared when launching the brand, which is why we waited until everything was ready. That happened one year ago, on the 19th of December 2016… and now we are getting ready to celebrate our first anniversary, I can hardly believe it!
Photo Credit: I’m cotton you
Photo Credit: I’m cotton you
D: Transforming an idea into reality usually involves a long way and lots of challenges. How was it in your case and how did your views on the business change along the way, if so?

F: The truth is you always make mistakes when you work, there is no other way; and when that happens, you lose. For example, getting the ideal size for our package boxes right took us one year. But I learned from each mistake. This is not just a saying, you really do learn from your mistakes.

At the beginning we didn’t have our own workshop and finding the right partner for production can be very challenging. At some point I had a car full of fabrics and nowhere to take them, but we got through that somehow. I believe I am lucky, because I got help and support from my family and friends all along. On the other hand, even though I made mistakes, I’ve always found a way to make things right for my clients and keep them happy.

D: How did you decide to sell online rather than finding partner shops to sell your collections?

F: To be honest, I don’t see myself as a business woman, but I do things from my heart and I am sure the clients can feel that. Having an online shop was my first instinct, I never thought of any another option, and we are continuously improving our website. We have also been working with The Home and Design&After from Bucharest; and who knows what else the future might bring…

D: You are the creative mind behind this project – which are your main sources of inspiration?

F: I guess I mostly rely on my inner resources and the way I feel about certain things, rather than looking for inspiration outside.
Photo Credit: I’m cotton you
D: What differentiates I’m cotton you from the competition?

F: Firstly, the quality is better than what you can usually buy, and this is the case both for the cotton from the “Love of white” collection and for the linen from the “Linen me” collection. We are the first Romanian brand to produce bed sheets made from linen and we are very proud of that. Sleeping in linen bed sheets is amazing, because the material has unmistakable consistency and softness. Apart from these facts, I think the details and the soulful human touch is what differentiates our brand. The thing with bed sheets is that you don’t buy them to be admired by others, it is a choice you make for yourself, for your own small, private universe, so to say.

D: Which is the core idea, the one that breathes life into this brand?

F: The main idea is to better take care of ourselves, of our souls and to enjoy each day just as it is. And I think that living in a neat, cosy home will make your days brighter. Seeing my white cotton bed sheets in my bedroom every day brings me such joy! That smell of clean cotton is wonderful, I wake up each morning feeling like I am on vacation! Related to that: I’ve recently read that people who decorate their home for Christmas earlier in December are more serene and jolly, so let’s get to work and enjoy every minute of it!

Interview by Delia, December 2017
Photo Credit: I’m cotton you


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