A morning with Iulia

“There are two things that absolutely fascinate me in a woman: power and elegance.

A contrast which never fails to make an impression.”

Photo: Roxana Enache
I met Iulia last December, while we were both involved in a lovely project - the touching short film “Dear Santa”, which is going to be released and talked about very soon. I was happy to discover not only a talented actress, but also a generous, warm human being and…a charming #DEILANIgirl.

Iulia Verdes has an international acting career which started while she was still in high school. She has won several awards and has experience in cinema, theatre and TV. She has learned horse riding, fencing and step dance, has been involved in cultural event management and numerous workshops, including THE ACTING CORPS in Hollywood…and, yes, she’s met Christoph Waltz, among other fascinating people. So, there are plenty of things you can talk about with Iulia. But what interested me most, for this first interview, were those aspects of her professional life which we – and by “we” I mean all women with creative jobs -  can identify with.
Photo: Roxana Enache
D: Your job puts you in a vulnerable position, because your work and ultimately your soul are out there, accessible to a large audience who can admire and enjoy them, but also criticize and judge everything you create. What do you feel about all these?

I: When I chose to become an actress, I knew how things work. There is no right or wrong formula to deal with it. It is natural and even healthy that some people admire your work, while others criticize it. Each one of us empathises with different messages and we should take this as a given fact, without judging it. I perform in plays which are uncomfortable to some people, because we are straightforward about certain truths they are not ready to deal with. Other people watch the same performance and empathise with the idea of courage. I think it is important to pay attention to everything that’s happening around us and start observing things. We will be surprised by how many shades of grey there are.

D: How do you “navigate” between the desire of creating art on one hand and compromising for commercial success on the other hand? Are you facing this dilemma?

I: I try to take things as they are. The current cultural environment does not allow us to make a living based on art exclusively. Both aspects go hand in hand and let’s say that commercial success supports artistic products. I love my work and regardless of what I do, I try to give my best, I don’t treat any kind of job in a superficial way. There is no dilemma about it, it is the way I choose to live.
Photo: Roxana Enache
D: What would you say to a ten-year-old girl aspiring to become an actress?

I: I think foreign languages are among the most important aspects. There are no borders in culture, but we have to make sure to “nurture” the tools we are using in our work. Of course, they should not miss theatre and film festivals, the extracurricular activities involving team work and – this is most important – they should read a lot!

D: What do you admire most in a woman?

I: There are two things that absolutely fascinate me: power and elegance. A contrast which never fails to make an impression. A perfect balance between the two usually involves a great amount of work and culture.

D: Tell us about a person who inspired you with her or his courage. I am not talking about heroism, but rather about the kind of courage one needs in their everyday life.

I: I think it would have to be my grandmother. She is a simple woman, born and raised in the countryside, with healthy life principles. My grandmother is the kind of character you’d meet in a novel, very brave and strong, who doesn’t fear anything. I don’t remember having seen her vulnerable. She is the heart of our family, the person who keeps us all together.
Iulia is wearing our navy Venice wool coat and black Avery culottes.

Photos by Roxana Enache
Interview by Delia, January 2018
Photo: Roxana Enache

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