Elegant ease, quality craftsmanship and delicate details are the essence of our styles. They reflect our love for simple lines and natural allure. Created for everyday life, they display an undeniable feminine appeal which transcends seasons. Their purpose is to make you feel beautiful, confident and relaxed.


We believe in designs that last. We choose ethical ways of production and encourage women to value what they buy, as well as the people behind the products. We commit to offering a warm, friendly service to our clients and transparency about who we are, how and where our products are made.


Our family business has offered us unique insight into the world of fashion, as well as the shared passion and respect for fine creations. With this heritage, we benefit from over 25 years of experience to create designs that fit, look and feel as close to perfection as possible.


The Deilani collections are manufactured in our own workshop, in Transylvania, using carefully sourced, premium fabrics. You may find details about their origin in each product description, so that you can decide based on your beliefs and willingness to support the local industry.


As a small brand, we have decided to keep our business online, to focus our efforts on developing premium products at fair prices. The styles get to you directly from our workshop, allowing us to take smaller margins without compromising the quality. The prices incorporate responsible choices of garment making and fair treatment of workers.


We believe in a mindful lifestyle, which is why we have created the Journal as a space where we share our values, celebrate beauty in all its forms and aim to offer inspiring content for a positive, mindful way of living.

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